Developing a community response - Step 1

The following steps are required to develop an effective community response to address volatile substance use (VSU) issues at a local level:

Step 1: Form an action group

Step 2: Gather information

Step 3: Develop a plan

Step 4: Evaluation

Step 1. Form an action group

Getting key agencies and community members together to talk about the issue is the first step.

Forming an action group with other people who are also concerned about VSU is the starting point to getting broader community support for action. Start with a few committed people and then work towards getting more people involved as needed.

Suggested group members include those who work directly with volatile substance users and those who have a role in dealing with issues related to VSU. For example:

There may be an already established interagency group that includes some or all of the above agencies. In smaller towns or communities where there are fewer service providers, the group may only consist of a few key community members.

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