Strategies to address VSU

The primary aim of any strategy to address volatile substance use (VSU) is the prevention and reduction of VSU-related harm to protect the health and welfare of volatile substance users, their families and the community.

VSU is a complex issue which requires a multi-faceted response comprising a range of complementary interventions. An effective response should include strategies that achieve supply reduction, demand reduction and harm reduction:

  • Supply reduction strategies aim to reduce access to and availability of volatile substances. It may include education/awareness-raising activities targeted at retailers, industry, contractors, tourists or other unintended source of supply.
  • Demand reduction strategies aim to reduce use and prevent the uptake of volatile substances. This should include any strategy to increase the engagement of those who use, or are at-risk of using volatile substances into alternate activities such as recreational, cultural, employment or educational pursuits.
  • Harm reduction strategies aim to reduce harm associated with VSU to the individual, the family and the community. This may include harm reduction information for those who use or are at risk of using volatile substances, their families, or service providers.

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