The Goldfields Volatile Substance Use Working Group (GVSUWG), formed in 2010, is an interagency forum comprising representatives from Australian, State and local government and non‑government organisations. Its aim is to provide a strategic, coordinated response to reduce volatile substance use (VSU) in the Goldfields Region.

The GVSUWG is chaired by the Goldfields Community Alcohol and Drug Service (GCADS) and meets bimonthly. For more information, see the 'Contacts' section below.

The GVSUWG is implementing a number of initiatives as set out in the Goldfields Volatile Substance Use Strategic Plan including:


VSU incident reporting and response

The Volatile Substance Use Incident Reporting and Response system is currently in place in the Goldfields region. The Central Coordinating Agency is the Goldfields Community Alcohol and Drug Service (GCADS).

For more information, see the VSU incident report and response page of this website. If you require hard copies of the information booklet, protocols poster or the Goldfields VSU Incident Report Form, please contact the GCADS (see Contact details below).



Goldfields Community Alcohol and Drug Service (GCADS) - Hope Community Services Inc.

Chair: Chelsea Hunter

Ph: (08) 9021 3069