State VSU Coordination Group

In 2013, the State Volatile Substance Use Coordination Group (SVSUCG), supported by the Mental Health Commission and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, was established to provide greater state-wide coordination and strategic support to local and regional volatile substance use (VSU) working groups across the State to reduce VSU-related harm.

The SVSUCG is chaired by the Mental Health Commission and is made up of senior representatives from relevant state and Commonwealth government departments and non-government organisations.

The objectives of the Group are to:

  • Support the implementation of key national and state strategies, including the Western Australian Volatile Substance Use Support Plan 2012-2015 and the National Petrol Sniffing Strategy.
  • Support the coordination of local and regional VSU working groups.
  • Improve the collaboration of government services at a local, regional and state-wide level.
  • Provide a forum where service providers and community groups can seek policy advice and information when responding to VSU issues.
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of a set of best-practice guidelines for the development of local and regional VSU strategies.
  • Support local and regional VSU groups in overcoming barriersĀ to the implementation of VSU strategies.
  • Ensure a consistency in approach from participating agencies at a state-wide, regional and local level.
  • Provide a means through which emerging VSU issues can be identified and addressed in a prompt and effective manner.


The SVSUCG is made up of a representative from each of the following groups:


  • Mental Health Commission (Chair)
  • WA Police
  • WA Country Health Service
  • Department for Child Protection and Family Support
  • Department of Corrective Services
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Aboriginal Affairs


  • Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Non-Government Organisations

  • Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Service
  • Nyoongar Patrol

For more information, contact the VolatileĀ Substances Program at the Mental Health Commission.