About this website

There is continuing concern about the misuse of volatile substances in Western Australia, particularly when used by young people. Volatile substance use (VSU) is a dangerous practice which can have devastating effects on the user, their families and communities. 

While the overall number of volatile substance users may not be large, it can have a disproportionate effect on a community.

In partnership with community representatives, government and non-government agencies, the Mental Health Commission (MHC) continues to work towards developing and refining a pragmatic response to issues related to VSU. This website forms a part of that response.

The Volatile Substance Use in Western Australia website is a resource for front-line workers, service providers and other professionals working directly or indirectly with people affected by VSU.

It aims to bring together key documents and a wide range of literature and other resources to support an effective response both locally and state-wide. 

Please note: The term 'volatile substance use' is used interchangeably with 'inhalant use' throughout this website, particularly where this is the term that appears in quotes from other sources.