Tourist strategy

The Mental Health Commission has developed a tourist brochure to raise the awareness of tourists in regional and remote areas about the issue of volatile substance use (VSU). It provides information about what tourists can do to minimise young people's access to volatile substance products, which may be used for the purpose of intoxication.

What travellers can do to minimise access to volatile substances

  • Use Low Aromatic Fuel (LAF) that may be branded as Opal or Unleaded Low Aromatic where available. Low aromatic fuel is a direct substitute for regular unleaded with an octane rating of 91 and can be mixed with regular 91 unleaded fuel already in your tank. LAF has been specifically designed with very low levels of intoxicating compounds. For more information about LAF, see the Low Aromatic Fuel website.
  • Where possible, use aerosols with non-hydrocarbon propellants and non-solvent based products.
  • Make sure they know what volatile substance products are in their possession and to check them before they leave a town/community. If anything is missing, please report it to police.
  • Ensure unattended vehicles are locked at all times.
  • Keep all volatile substance products and petrol powered equipment locked up and out of sight.

Information and contacts

For more information about how you can support raising the awareness of tourists to prevent the misuse of volatile substances in the community, contact the Volatile Substances Program at the Mental Health Commission or see the Working Groups in WA page of this website for any VSU strategies in your area.